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Steve Fowler is a thirteen-year veteran of the interactive entertainment industry. He is responsible for the brand identity and launch of the Halo franchise at Microsoft and has held marketing and business development roles at Interplay, Sega, Square Enix and Take-Two.

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Publisher 2.0 - Data Driven Marketing

3 years ago Steve Fowler on how big data affects game marketing


Publisher 2.0 - The rise of content marketing

3 years ago Game publishers are turning to content marketing as gamers turn away from traditional ads


2 Publisher 2.0 - Did The Social Bubble Just Burst?

4 years ago Steve Fowler and David Cole examine the problems with Zynga


Publisher 2.0: League of Legends' player focused marketing

4 years ago "Players end up doing most of our marketing for us," says Chris Enock of Riot Games


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4 years ago We look into what defines a mid-core game


1 Finding Publisher 2.0: Wizards of the Coast

4 years ago Bryan Chu talks us through the brand and marketing behind Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers


1 Why Publisher 2.0 is M.I.A. - Part 2

4 years ago Similarities drawn between the game publishing market and television


8 Why Publisher 2.0 is M.I.A.

4 years ago With digital distribution disrupting traditional publishing, who is filling the gap for digital games?