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F2P Economics: Inflation and the Perpetual Revenue Machine

A month ago Will Luton looks at how to increase IAP without upsetting players


3 Elevator Pitch: A Game to Make You More Creative

2 years ago Will Luton's card game for developers who need fresh ideas


8 GDC on a budget

In association with QUALCOMM

Opinion 2 years ago Will Luton's tips on how to explore San Francisco without breaking the bank


30 The Celebrification of Developers

Opinion 3 years ago As indie developers become public personalities, what damaging effects does it have on their personal and professional lives?


25 The Future of Games: We Need To Protect Our Past

Opinion 3 years ago With two of his games gone from the App Store forever, Will Luton asks if there's a better solution to preserving old games than piracy


4 Free-to-Play Marketing: Positioning and Proposition

3 years ago In an extract from Will Luton's new book, we look at marketing techniques and the high-level proposition of your free-to-play video game


46 End of the Golden Age: Are Games Consoles Too Generic?

Opinion 3 years ago Games consoles are becoming homogeneous appliances with few distinguishing features, argues Will Luton


13 How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The Microconsole

Opinion 3 years ago Will Luton laughed at the Android microconsoles. Now he's loved-up


36 The Future of Games: F2P Is Not Evil Nor The Only Solution

Opinion 3 years ago A them-and-us mentality over free-to-play is making fools of us all, argues Will Luton


29 Tut-Tut: What's Wrong with Maxim's Gamer Girl?

Opinion 4 years ago Will Luton isn't angry with Maxim's Gamer Girl contest, just disappointed


48 Could Mobile Replace the Console?

Opinion 4 years ago Are smartphones and tablets really the console killers? Definitely maybe, says Mobile Pie's Will Luton