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Stace Harman is a freelance writer and zombie survivalist. He writes mainly about video games but has also reported on topics ranging from airline security to Claudia Winkleman’s shoes.

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3 IO Interactive's Niels Jørgensen

6 years ago The IO GM on why you can't please all of the people all of the time

Force of Nature

6 years ago Avalanche Studios' Christofer Sundberg on the creation of a new world and the reinforcement of an existing one

1 Shooting Star

6 years ago Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson discusses project cancellation and the bright lights of Sweden's games industry

Projekt Management - Part Two

6 years ago Lukasz Kukawski and Tomasz Gop explain why a DRM-free PC market is a great place to be

Projekt Management - Part One

6 years ago Tomasz Gop and Lukasz Kukawski on the Polish gaming scene and canning games

What's in a Name?

6 years ago LOVEFiLM CMO Simon Morris explains why videogames are a natural extension of the brand's film-orientated roots

Simply Put

7 years ago director Neil Muspratt discusses retail strategy and explains why price slashing by supermarkets is a problem