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John Gaudiosi has been covering video games for nearly 20 years for outlets like The Washington Post, Reuters, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today Weekend, Wired and Playboy. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for video game syndication network

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NBA execs on the power of video games

2 months ago With the NBA attracting a global audience, the league's reach is getting a boost from video games across varying platforms

3 American Express: League Of Legends offers real sports opportunities

7 months ago As important a partnership as the "US Open or LA Kings," says first blue chip company to enter the eSports arena

1 Nissan enters eSports arena with team sponsorship

8 months ago Massive audience numbers are pulling in major advertisers to drive brand recognition

Sega sets its sights on Rome

8 months ago Publisher gives new Total War entry the series' largest marketing campaign to date


Curse launches Wikia alternative Gamepedia

A year ago Curse Inc has also landed a deal with Gazillion and Marvel to provide exclusive content through the Marvel Heroes Wiki


8 Facebook Turning its Attention to Core Gamers

A year ago Facebook's games product manager wants to engage people who like games like WoW and Diablo


9 The Sid Meier Advantage

A year ago The Civ designer talks about the advantage of being a veteran game maker and understanding gameplay as a psychological experience


5 Epic on Unreal Engine 4: "You have to eat your own dog food"

A year ago We talk with Epic president Mike Capps about his studio's approach and the evolving games business


11 Wii U "doesn't look like it's innovative" says John Romero

A year ago The veteran game designer has no interest in Nintendo's new console


5 Nvidia, Gaikai partner with Meteor to broaden Hawken launch

A year ago Gaikai also will upgrade all of its data centers to run on Nvidia's new Kepler architecture