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Getting Lively

8 years ago Kevin Hanna, creative director for Google's virtual world project, on why Lively is going to be important - and why sceptics should care

Myst creator warns of over ambition in MMO space

8 years ago AUSTIN GDC: Myst Online failed because it tried to compete with TV, says Miller

iPhone a "revolution" for game design - Arkane Studios

8 years ago AUSTIN GDC: Newly-hired producer Harvey Smith reveals studio working on strategy card game and first person RPG

Sterling: Bankers will get rich from games, not designers

8 years ago AUSTIN GDC: Sci-fi author's vision of future also identifies abusers of videogame systems

Google opening Lively to game developers

8 years ago AUSTIN GDC: Hanna reveals plans for integration of games - from arcade to entire 3D titles - in Google's growing virtual world

Club Penguin owes popularity to Disneyland attitudes - Merrifield

8 years ago Austin GDC: "If it doesn't matter to a kid... it doesn't matter," says co-founder

Storytron's Crawford: Screw graphics, create better emotions

8 years ago Austin GDC: Former developer urges creators to "ditch plot" and concentrate on the player