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5 Brave New World

4 years ago Mike Morhaime opens up about pushing the world's most successful developer into new territory

Blizzard's Rob Pardo

5 years ago On DotA, the challenges of, day-and-date digital releases and working with Bungie

17 Blizzard contends Valve's DOTA trademark motion

6 years ago Pardo:"It should continue to be available to Blizzard and to our community"

Blizzard pledges return to console game development

6 years ago It will "definitely" happen, says WoW producer

DICE restructures Battlefield Heroes pricing

6 years ago Items bought with in-game currency become more expensive; move proves unpopular with users

Activision chose to remove MW2 airport level for Russia

6 years ago Publisher denies game has been recalled; was advised to block terrorist level

More problems for World of Warcraft in China

6 years ago NetEase ordered to stop taking money and account registrations

Battlefield to keep dedicated servers

6 years ago EA DICE responds to Infinity Ward criticism over third party PC network

McCartney: Lennon and Harrison would have approved of Rock Band

7 years ago Full extent of Paul, Yoko and Olivia's involvement in game is revealed

Codemasters drops ArchLord MMO

7 years ago Publisher will no longer operate the free-to-play title in North America and Europe

Guild Wars creator leaves NCsoft West

7 years ago Jeff Strain, founder of ArenaNet, departs company on "amicable terms"

Senior staff leave SOE Seattle

7 years ago Development of The Agency unaffected as founders quit to form new studio

Reports of China's 'gold farming ban' misinterpreted

7 years ago Law bans buying real goods and services with virtual currency, not vice versa

Microsoft confirms acquisition of 3DV

7 years ago 3D motion-sensing technology firm officially recognised as part of Redmond giant

Bethesda may sue over Fallout MMO

7 years ago SEC filing from Interplay shows the Fallout 3 developer is disputing the online project

Nintendo ready to revive the Japanese market - Iwata

7 years ago Mario-maker "not particularly concerned" about PS3 momentum; DSi sells 600,000 on EU and US opening weekend

Stargate TV producer casts doubt on MMO

7 years ago Brad Wright admits the online title "should be happening by now"

EA allows SecuROM de-authorisation

7 years ago Spore, Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space and Red Alert 3 take advantage of new tool

1,000,000 gold farmers based in China

7 years ago In-game currency investigation reveals that 70% of all trade is in World of Warcraft gold

Mythic closes 63 Warhammer servers

7 years ago 43 North American and 20 European low-population servers to close

Sony boasts of big support for Home

7 years ago Activision, Capcom, EA and Koei among 24 companies licensed to create content

Owning the Territory

7 years ago Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood on modders, critics and getting in bed with Bethesda.

Funcom to close over half of Conan servers

7 years ago 49 realms cut to just 18 in order to improve overall player experience on remaining servers

Take-Two drops Champions Online

7 years ago Atari now likely to publish the MMO following Cryptic Studios purchase

2 Employers screening World of Warcraft players?

7 years ago Recruiters urged not to put MMO players forward for jobs - report