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Ubisoft used piracy hack to fix snafu

8 years ago Official fix for RSV2 Direct2Drive issue came from pirates circumventing copy protection methods

BAFTA partners with Edinburgh Interactive Festival

8 years ago British Academy of Film and Television Arts becomes key sponsor for event

Feder credits gaming press for setting tone of GTA IV discussion

8 years ago Take-Two's CEO thinks the art, technology and experience of GTA has helped put the "noise" behind them

MGS4 drives PS3 sales, but DS and Wii still in lead

8 years ago NPD analyst says industry is poised to achieve record-breaking revenues even if growth slows during remainder of year

Metal Gear Solid 4 tops US June sales

8 years ago Konami's PS3 exclusive leads a month of software sales worth $872.6 million - up 61% from the prior year

Wii surpasses Xbox 360 US sales

8 years ago According to data released by the NPD Group, nearly 10.9 million Wii consoles have been sold since its 2006 launch

Microsoft entertainment division posts $426 million gain

8 years ago The company shipped 1.3 million Xbox 360 units during Q4, with FY 2008 revenue up 34% to $8.14 billion

Australia charts: Brawl bullies past Mario Kart

8 years ago Nintendo dominates in Australia, with Super Smash Bros Brawl the first of eight Nintendo format games on the chart

Metal Gear Online Championship at TGS

8 years ago Konami announces Tokyo Game Show competition and details upcoming MGOnline expansion packs

PlaySpan acquires PlayByCash

8 years ago PlayByCash to continue operating independently as companies combine their online payment services

Tretton: Digitally distributed movies will determine fate of UMD

8 years ago Struggling UMD movie format will either be supplemented or have stake driven through its heart; Sony considering PSP hard drive

Endrant Studios opens doors

8 years ago First project will be collaboration with Raven and Activision Blizzard on id's Wolfenstein

Activision Blizzard makes self-tender offer

8 years ago Company offering to purchase up to 22% of its outstanding shares at $27.50 per share

NCsoft merges Heroes, Villains universes

8 years ago Combination of MMOs is the final step in preparing the IP for future projects

Sims 2 IKEA expansion tops US PC sales

8 years ago Spore Creature Creature drops to third place as sales chart still dominated by Warcraft, Sims 2 titles

Ubisoft demonstrates variety of offerings at E3

8 years ago Raving Rabbids TV Party, Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia played live; New girls sports franchise announced for DS

1 Sony phasing out 40GB PS3

8 years ago Sony said that it intends to focus on the 80GB as its primary SKU, lowering the price to $399 in September

Sony's E3 Conference

8 years ago Video download service goes live tonight for PS3 and PSP; 80GB PS3 to retail for $399 in September

EA partners with id for Rage

8 years ago Company also announces new service tracking player accomplishments and supporting community across titles

Activision reports record $650 million Q1 revenues

8 years ago Prior to its merger with Vivendi, Activision's Q1 2009 net revenues were $150 million higher than expected

Microsoft announces Netflix deal

8 years ago Service free to Netflix subscribers who hold Xbox Live Gold accounts

Lips to lead Microsoft's new casual IP drive

8 years ago Karaoke title Lips and You're In The Movies target casual audience; Final Fantasy XIII for the core gamer

Microsoft unveils new Xbox Live interface

8 years ago New user-created avatars will be integrated into future games; games will launch from hard drive; Live Party system detailed

Wii Fit overtakes Brawl in UK

8 years ago A 60 per cent increase in sales is enough to propel Wii Fit to the top position as Brawl sales drop 37 per cent

Nintendo to release MotionPlus Wii accessory

8 years ago New Wii remote attachment allows for more comprehensive tracking of arm position and orientation