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Graham is the founder of Player Research, a Brighton-based user research and playtesting studio.

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14 Quality is the best strategy for app store discovery

25 days ago With both algorithms and curators, Graham McAllister believes that good games are the key to the mobile app stores


5 One to Watch?

Opinion A month ago Graham McAllister explores the potential gaming applications of Apple's latest device


2 What does it take to become an expert?

Opinion 2 months ago Graham McAllister investigates the value of experience


14 Whose Game is it Anyway?

3 months ago Graham McAllister finds that too many devs don't know who they're designing for


6 I Fight For The Users

Opinion 4 months ago Player Research's Graham McAllister introduces himself and his new monthly column


If Music be the Food of Games, Play On

7 months ago Graham McAllister reports from Bilbao's BIME conference on games and music


1 "My love is for games and game music, not the music by itself"

A year ago Thatgamecompany's Vincent Diamante on the importance of sound design