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Graham is the founder of Player Research, a Brighton-based user research and playtesting studio.

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2 "It's the assembly language programming game you never asked for!"

16 days ago Graham McAllister meets Zach Barth and TIS-100


14 Design Research: Ignore it at Your Peril

Opinion A month ago Graham McAllister on why Molyneux's latest advice seems dangerously misinformed


14 Quality is the best strategy for app store discovery

2 months ago With both algorithms and curators, Graham McAllister believes that good games are the key to the mobile app stores


5 One to Watch?

Opinion 3 months ago Graham McAllister explores the potential gaming applications of Apple's latest device


2 What does it take to become an expert?

Opinion 4 months ago Graham McAllister investigates the value of experience


14 Whose Game is it Anyway?

5 months ago Graham McAllister finds that too many devs don't know who they're designing for


6 I Fight For The Users

Opinion 6 months ago Player Research's Graham McAllister introduces himself and his new monthly column


If Music be the Food of Games, Play On

9 months ago Graham McAllister reports from Bilbao's BIME conference on games and music


1 "My love is for games and game music, not the music by itself"

A year ago Thatgamecompany's Vincent Diamante on the importance of sound design