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Halo 5: Guardians hits fall 2015

10 months ago Xbox One will do without sci-fi shooter sequel this holiday season; Pachter unconcerned with wait

Tencent banks $1 billion in Q1

10 months ago Chinese online giant puts up 35% net margin on nearly $3 billion in revenues


New executive producer for Star Citizen

10 months ago Blizzard Entertainment's Alex Mayberry joins Cloud Imperium Games


51 Nintendo: Time to Break Open The Piggy Bank

Opinion A year ago Virtue CFO Asif Khan believes Nintendo must use its ample cash to buy its way back to relevance - perhaps an investment in Oculus?


11 Game Trader: Why you should buy Nintendo, Apple and Take-Two now

A year ago Asif Khan details what to do with key gaming stocks ahead of E3, why PS4 could win next-gen and how Xbox One solves non-existent problems

17 Molyneux wants next Xbox to be "the ultimate gaming console"

A year ago 22Cans boss hopes Microsoft doubles-down on gaming machine

3 2K Games won't have a booth at E3 2013

A year ago 2K decides that E3 isn't its thing this year

Playfirst VP: Recognizable characters key to App Store success

A year ago Becky Ann Hughes believes only the strong characters survive