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1 The Next Generation Race is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Opinion 2 years ago Sony can take pride in the opening-day success of PS4, but the next gen has a long way to go before it proves itself


19 Nintendo: "We don't want to walk away" from 3D gaming

3 years ago Nintendo's Scott Moffitt insists that the new 2DS doesn't represent backpedaling, notes that it's all about reaching huge audience at $129

33 Nintendo cuts Wii U by $50, announces 2DS handheld

3 years ago New 2DS removes 3D effect, sells for the low price of $129, while Deluxe Wii U and special Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle both sell for just $299 [UPDATE: added video of 2DS]


33 What the Xbox One Controller Says About Microsoft... and Nintendo

3 years ago Jeremy Parish can't help but notice philosophical differences between Microsoft and Nintendo


8 Xbox One: Building a console with the "right amount of Microsoft" thrown in

3 years ago Xbox product planning boss Albert Penello tells us all about the evolution of Xbox, and how MS wasn't even thinking about Xbox One until late 2010


13 Xbox One: Inside The Belly of a Trojan Horse

3 years ago Jeremy Parish sees a long-term plan finally coming to fruition on the Redmond campus, but will gamers buy into this vision?