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Warren Spector is a veteran game designer best known for his work on System Shock and Deus Ex.

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18 Spector: Industry must recognize both good and bad effects of games

2 years ago Warren Spector talks about the not so clear cut issue of media effects, and reveals he's about to start a new job


18 Warren Spector's Commandments of Game Design

3 years ago The veteran looks at his old list of rules for Deus Ex and asks if there's a set of rules games can all adhere to


18 Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 2

3 years ago Warren Spector continues his column on why a Holodeck probably won't work for the games industry


23 Holodeck: Holy Grail or Hollow Promise? Part 1

3 years ago Warren Spector isn't so sure the industry will be able to create a holodeck gaming experience that's actually fun


39 Warren Spector: Where's Gaming's Roger Ebert?

Opinion 3 years ago In his latest column, Spector argues that the industry will be legitimized if mainstream publications can offer regular critical analysis of games


17 Warren's Mailbag: Publishers using Metacritic as a "weapon"

3 years ago Warren Spector answers your questions about the problems with the reviews aggregation site and the industry's reliance on a flawed system


29 Defining Success: Why Metacritic Should Be Irrelevant

Opinion 3 years ago Warren Spector tackles the thorny issue of Metacritic's impact on the industry in his second exclusive column for GamesIndustry International


7 Warren's Mailbag: Games are still niche, too expensive

3 years ago Thanks to the overwhelming response to Warren Spector's column, the veteran designer is replying to some of your most interesting comments


40 Where Are Gaming's Role Models?

3 years ago In his first exclusive column for GamesIndustry, Warren Spector ponders why game designers aren't making games of real significance