Green Man Gaming adds automatic game activation for uPlay

Ubisoft fans will no longer have to copy game keys over to publisher's platform when buying through digital retailer

London, UK 9 January 2018: Green Man Gaming has introduced a new feature that allows customers to automatically redeem and add games to their Uplay library with one click. The new automatic game activation feature will give gamers a faster and more secure way to add Ubisoft games including upcoming titles Far Cry 5, Anno 1800 and Skull and Bones to their library on the Uplay platform.

The new feature simplifies the Uplay key redemption process on the Green Man Gaming store by removing the need to copy the Uplay key to the platform's activation page for every game. Customers will now be able to add their Uplay keys quickly with a click of a button on the order confirmation page on Green Man Gaming, through the order confirmation email and within the 'Game Purchases' section in their Green Man Gaming Account.

The automatic key redemption process also ensures that the Uplay key is secure at all times as it is never disclosed at any point in the process and is automatically added to the library.

"We are constantly looking to improve the experience of buying games for our customers. We know that the priority for any gamer is to be able to get to the game as quickly as possible without having to spend their time dealing with copying and pasting key codes, launching multiple clients and logging in to a bunch of different services," said Paul Sulyok, CEO and Founder of Green Man Gaming.

"We are always looking for new methods that allow our customers to purchase and play their games as quickly as possibly. Green Man Gaming's integration with the Uplay platform simplifies the redemption process giving gamers a fast, reliable and secure way to activate their Ubisoft games direct from Green Man Gaming."

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