Wands VR developer raises $2.48m

Cortopia receives significant cash injection

VR developer Cortopia has raised $2.48m in its latest round of funding.

The firm, which developed 2016 VR game Wands, received the cash from multiple investors with support from its strategic partner Init Invest.

Wands was a critical success back in 2016, and won best VR Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards. It's a first-person magic dueling game, and is available on all major VR platforms.

The firm says it will use the investment to develop new VR, AR and MR projects, whilst turning Wands into a larger competitive product.

"It has been a strategic and very intentional effort on our part to build great relationships with our platform partners," said Cortopia CEO Andreas Skoglund, who joined the company in 2017 from EA DICE. "In addition to making great games, we want to make sure that we are a partner who sticks to the deadlines and makes use of the new VR technologies offered by the different platforms."

He continued: "I am very excited about what AR will do, both in terms of how we consume entertainment and how we live our lives. This new technology will introduce a whole new way of how we behave in everyday interactions and one of the major milestones we need to hit is understanding how games will look and work in this media 5 and 10 years from now."

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