Fans launch Black Friday boycott to #FixFIFA

Petition calling for changes has over 26,000 signaures

Fans of FIFA 18 have launched a consumer campaign against EA, calling for a number of changes to be made to the game.

#FixFIA has gradually been gaining momentum over the past few days as fans have taken to Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit to vocalise their complaints.

Some Reddit users are calling fans to boycott the game's Black Friday promotions and there is even a #FixFIFA petition on which has over 26,000 signatures.

While there is a degree of inconsistency in what fans are demanding, primarily they are raising concerns about bugs, exploits, and balancing issues. One YouTuber, drpoplove, posted a 43-minute video detailing 50 game bugs.

Others have argued that Weekend League, the best way to earn top in-game rewards, requires a time investment that is physically and mentally unhealthy.

In its current form the Weekend League requires fans to play 40 games every weekend which, at 20-minutes each, amounts to well over 13 hours, plus team management and match preparation.

Unsurprisingly, the alternative to this time investment is spending real money on loot boxes, a mechanic which has caused EA nothing but headaches over the last few weeks with Star Wars Battlefront II, but until recently hadn't been a major issue with FIFA 18.

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