GameStop introduces unlimited pre-owned pass

$60 PowerPass gives customers six months of access to its second-hand stock

US retailer GameStop is attempting to drive more activity around its pre-owned games with the upcoming launch of its new PowerPass scheme.

The program allows gamers to borrow a title from the chain's pre-owned selection and swap it for any other game when they're done. They can repeat this process as often as they like for the first six months, after which they choose a title to keep permanently, Kotaku reports.

The scheme costs $60 per customer. It is currently only available to GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members. It is scheduled to launch on November 19th.

This is a physical retail initiative so it's limited to the stock available on store shelves - customers won't be able to request specific titles or choose from games listed online. Aside from this, there are no restrictions on which pre-owned titles they can choose from.

PowerPass follows the similarly structured Swap 'n' Play service run by GameStop subsidiary EB Games in Australia. Under this scheme, players pay $19.95 AUD per month to borrow second-hand games and swap them as many times as they like.

Swap 'n' Play launched in August. At the time, there were no plans to rollout the scheme beyond South Australia. If PowerPass is successful, it may be rolled out to EB Games and other GameStop chains around the world.

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