Microsoft reports record pre-orders for Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition

Fan-targeted SKU of upcoming console is platform holder's fastest-selling device to date, more stock promised

The Project Scorpio Edition of Xbox One X sold out within five days of its announcements.

Microsoft revealed the SKU on Sunday ahead of Gamescom in Cologne and a reasonably lacklustre showcase that confirmed more than 100 games will support Xbox One X come November. The company says it has seen "record-setting sell-out times" and its currently sold out in various territories.

Paying homage to the original codename for the forthcoming Xbox One X, the Project Scorpio Edition is a slightly redesigned version and comes with a vertical stand, as well as the name "Project Scorpio" inscribed on the console and controller. Aside from this, it is technologically the same as the Xbox One X.

Naturally, Microsoft didn't offer specific figures. The Project Scorpio Edition was a limited run SKU, so its accomplishment depends on number of units manufactured - another figure Microsoft has yet to share.

The platform holder has promised more information on the next wave of Xbox One X pre-orders in September. These will be standard editions, without the Project Scorpio branding.

Xbox One X launches on November 7th. It will be interesting to see whether pre-orders for the standard SKU maintain the same momentum as the Project Scorpio Edition. Microsoft appears to be making pre-order waves a key pillar of the Xbox One X's marketing campaign, something it didn't seem to do with the original Xbox One or previous consoles.

Microsoft has acknowledged that it's unlikely to sell more X units that last year's slimmed down S over the next twelve months, but it's still a crucial launch for the company in the upcoming all-important holiday period. We recently discussed its strategy and questioned the target audience for Xbox One X on the latest episode of our podcast.

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