IGDA launches 5,000 gaming and disability scholarship

Initiative is in partnership with Xbox

The International Game Developers Association has teamed up with Microsoft to help developers with disabilities to go to university.

The initiative is a 5,000 scholarship that will be awarded to one student who is enrolled at an accredited US or Canadian university for the next academic year. The money can only be put towards tuition costs.

Interested parties have until June 1st to submit their application, with the final decision being made on June 30th. You can submit from the IGDA website.

There are a series of eligibility requirements, including the need to obtain certain scores at High School or College and the applicant must identify as 'an avid video game player and as having a long-term or recurring health issue that significantly impacts one or more daily activities'.

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Kenton Fletcher Designer / analyst, Bandai Namco6 days ago
Game design stagnant? At the time when indie development is delivering new ideas and concepts from every direction? Strange conclusion to draw.
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