Where to watch Unreal's 2017 GDC keynote

Developers can watch this year's presentation via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

Epic Games is gearing up for its yearly State of Unreal keynote presentation at GDC 2017, which will once again discuss the latest developments for the widely used Unreal Engine.

The event will be livestreamed and kicks off on Wednesday March 1st at 9.30am PST / 5.30pm UK time. You can watch it for yourself via the company's Twitch, Facebook and YouTube channels.

Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney will once again host proceedings and is expected to give an update on how the engine's community is growing, as well as "how advancements have laid a foundation for new groundbreaking projects".

Last year, Epic showed off its new VR Editor and real-time cinematography tech with the help of Ninja Theory and its Hellblade game. There were also presentations on how McLaren, Nickelodeon, Disney and NASA were using the engine.

Given how Unreal is continuing to grow its non-games 'Enterprises' business, expect more projects to be revealed from beyond the world of video games, as well as new features for both VR and traditional devs.

Rival Unity held its own press conference yesterday, detailing more information about Unity 2017, an expanded partnership that opens China to developers and its new focus on artists and designers. You can read a full re-cap here.

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