All new top eight on Japanese charts

Kan Colle Kai takes top spot

It's been a big week for new entries on the Japanese chart, the top eight spaces all snapped up by shiny new software.

Way out in front and taking number one was Kan Colle Kai for PlayStation Vita with close to 141,000 units sold, almost 79,000 ahead of the number two, Attack On Titan on PlayStation Vita.

Attack On Titan does get a special mention for taking both second, third and seventh places on the chart though, with PS4 coming in just behind the Vita version and PS3 trailing at seven. Combined sales of the three platforms stood at 150,682.

It's was Sony's week in hardware with PlayStation 4 the biggest seller and PlayStation Vita following in second place.

  1. PlayStation 4 - 29,363 (Last week - 27,576)
  2. PlayStation Vita - 22,191 (17,104)
  3. New 3DS XL - 16,533 (19,691)
  4. New 3DS - 4,363 (4,695)
  5. Wii U - 3,902 (3,933)
  6. 3DS - 2,427 (2,717)
  7. PlayStation 3 - 1,665 (1,633)
  8. 3DS XL - 569 (452)
  9. Xbox One - 162 (101)

Charts collated by Media Create and published by Gematsu.

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