Arcadia is Microsoft's new game streaming tech - Report

Xbox maker said to be working on a cloud service to run games, apps across its core platforms

It's already been widely reported that Microsoft is working on game-streaming technology, long enough that the company has apparently started over at least once. According to a new ZDNet report, Microsoft halted work on one such project called "Rio," and has since begun building a new streaming service code-named "Arcadia."

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley cites sources within Microsoft with the news that Arcadia is being worked on by a new team in the company's Operating Systems Group. A job listing for the team says it will be working "to bring premium and unique experiences to Microsoft's core platforms."

Arcadia is said to run on Microsoft's Azure cloud technology, and will let users stream apps as well as games. While there was talk of having Arcadia stream Android apps and games to Windows devices, Foley reported that particular feature has been tabled for the moment.

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Andrew Ihegbu Studying Bsc Commercial Music, University of Westminster2 years ago
Here's a cool idea: Extend the tech so that any Xbox One games you have you can stream to PCs. Would keep the priority of Xbox as the primary gaming platform, give you a USP over PlayStation, and allow you to play Xbox One exclusives on a PC... but only if you have an Xbox Live sub, Xbox One to reg it on and the game in question.
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Jordan Lund Columnist 2 years ago
Or allow PCs and the Xbox One to stream Xbox and Xbox 360 content.
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 2 years ago

Virtually allX1 exclusives are coming to PC already.

There's going to be a lot of synergy with Windows 10, including rumored hybrid discs like PC/Mac discs with shared assets and seperate run times.
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