Reddit launches Kickstarter competitor

Redditmade lets the community propose and pledge to projects

Reddit has launched an open beta for its very own crowdfunding site, Redditmade. Currently active campaigns already include a tshirt featuring Gabe Newell's face and another featuring the line "actually it's about ethics in games journalism."

Each campaign has a 30 day limit to raise the needed funds, with Reddit offering support to Redditmade users. Project creators can submit products through the site setting how many items they want to sell and at what price.

"We'll walk you through every step of the process, connect you to our network of quality sourcing partners, work with you on the design if necessary, promote your campaign, and oversee the production and distribution. The best part is there's no risk and zero cost to you (you can even make money!)"

Specific subreddits can also launch their own "official" products to represent their group with the subreddit moderators deciding on what gets approval.

Reddit says users can create "almost anything" using the site as long as it's not "offensive, abusive, or age-restricted", and is equally relaxed about where any profits end up.

"The profit of each campaign can be donated to any organization, charity, event, or individual, so your money can support other redditors or the causes that matter most to you," it explains.

"We provide a secure way to raise funds and make it easy to pledge your payment, but we won't charge you until the campaign reaches its goal. If it does, hooray! We'll start production and send you your product soon. If it doesn't, you won't be charged a penny."

It's very early days for the service but the power of the Reddit community shouldn't be underestimated. Last month Reddit had 174,088,361 unique visitors from over 186 different countries.

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Eyal Teler Programmer 3 years ago
From what I see on the site, it's a Cafe Press competitor, rather than a Kickstarter competitor. It's about creating custom personalised items, but group-selling them instead of individually.
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