Watch: GameHorizon 2014 - Panel: Games For Good

Jude Ower, Dr. Mick Donegan, James Schall and Ian Hamilton discuss how games can make the world a better place

Gaming as a tool for good is a concept which has gained more and more ground of late, both within the industry and with consumers. Gamers can be a generous bunch themselves, and sponsored gaming challenges are pleasingly common, but there are several companies which are shouldering their share of the responsibility and making direct contributions to good causes themselves. Game-specific charities like the wonderful GamesAid are also helping to raise huge sums of money for the disadvantaged via events, auctions and sponsorship.

In short, the industry is doing its bit, but there's always more to be done. Here, four of the industry's key figures in the games for good movement discuss the best ways to bring the industry's talent, technology and time to bear on society's ills. Watch the video below to hear Jude Ower, CEO of PlayMob, Dr Mick Donegan of Special Effect, James Schall of SEGA and independent consultant Ian Hamilton give their views on what we can do to make the world a better, fairer place.

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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 2 years ago
My advice...

Don't try to reinvent the wheel (again...).

Don't try to come up with answers of "what we should be doing".

Instead, ask your designers what they want to make, give them a fair deal (including backend points), creative control, top billing credit as designers, and then watch what happens.

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