Cuts to Quebec tax credits could stifle industry - Martin Carrier

Head of provincial lobby group says new jobs could be lost to Europe, US, and Ontario

Quebec's plan to reduce tax credits for game developers will undermine the industry's ability to grow in the province, according to Martin Carrier, head of local trade group Alliance Numérique and vice president of WB Games Montreal.

As reported by the Montreal Gazette (via Polygon), Carrier last week called on Finance Minister Carlos Leitão to abandon plans announced earlier this month to scale back tax credits for game developers by 20 percent. He also warned that developers would expand in other locales if Quebec didn't maintain its level of support.

"You have to understand that there are other [funding] programs in other territories in the world-- whether in England, for instance, in Louisiana or even in Ontario--which have programs that are more generous than here. And jobs will be created elsewhere," Carrier said.

Carrier framed his comments as "an openness to dialogue" rather than a threat that publishers would pick up shop and move if the tax credits weren't fully reinstated.

"I'm not sure we can talk about job cuts per se today," Carrier said. "I think looking down the road, we can talk about jobs that may not be created. It's a little early on and we want to make sure we voice our concern."

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Luke Giddings Programmer, Supermassive Games3 years ago
other [funding] programs in other territories in the world-- whether in England ... --which have programs that are more generous than here
Does the UK have a more generous funding program? Even after the cuts? I'm sceptical.
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