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E3 considering other venues

By James Brightman

The Big Event: E3 in association with
E3 considering other venues

Wed 11 Jun 2014 3:17pm GMT / 11:17am EDT / 8:17am PDT
EventsE3 2014

Contract for the Los Angeles Convention Center is up after 2015 and the ESA may decide to pursue another city

The annual E3 Expo may have a new home in the near future, if recent comments this week by Entertainment Software Association boss Mike Gallagher are any indication. "E3 is a world class show that deserves a world class venue. The Los Angeles Convention Center is no longer a top-tier property," Gallagher said, according to CNBC.

If this story feels familiar, that's because the ESA has mentioned leaving the Convention Center before. Just a couple years ago, Gallagher had mentioned that the construction of the proposed Farmers Field and rebuilt convention center were a major concern for E3. However, Los Angeles and the ESA then managed to reach a three-year deal - that agreement is set to expire in 2015, and it's starting to look likely that E3 will ditch its long-time LACC home. A decision should be coming soon.

"The time to make this decision is relatively short," Gallagher said. "We'll consider all cities that can improve the experience."

CNBC noted ESA insiders pointed out that Chicago came close to winning the E3 contract last time, and other cities being considered are San Francisco, New York and New Orleans.

Gallagher and the ESA generally do not seem happy with the LACC, pointing to problems like the spread out floor plan, the need for attendees to walk long distances between appointments, the crowded housing issues, and the general age of the building itself.

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Nate Ballantyne QA Manager, Aardman Animations

25 25 1.0
Come to Europe!

Posted:A year ago

Come to London! Home of gaming legends!

Posted:A year ago


Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd

1,025 1,486 1.4
Yes, I'm sure the ESA, a trade association of the United States, is looking to move the convention designed to host the companies they represent out of that continent lol.

Chicago would be great, thanks. I can drive there.

Posted:A year ago


Alan Ashby Recruiter, EA Sports

9 6 0.7
Orlando is where its at. Plenty of convention and hotel space. Major international airport. Caters to visitors. Relatively inexpensive. Do it!!!

Posted:A year ago


Carlos Sanchez Senior Program Manager, Xbox, Microsoft

5 4 0.8
Agree with you there, Alan! Aside from the miserable June weather, Orlando is really the best convention spot. The center is massive, tons of hotels in the area, and aside from that, a lot of other things to do obviously.

Posted:A year ago


Bill Young head of strategic partnerships, maxplay

21 22 1.0
Yeah but, Florida.

Posted:A year ago


Richard Browne Partner & Head of Interactive, Many Rivers Productions

198 278 1.4
Believe the J.W. Marriott bar is the front runner.

Posted:A year ago


Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,550 1,568 0.6
Ugh. Sorry, Floridians... I hate Florida for a few reasons (yes, I've been there) and I'm not the only one, but if it ends up there it's a closer trip for me than L.A. is. NYC is too expensive and annoying (I live here, so don't hit me!), but it's a pipe dream I've had for years to see an E3 here as hell, most of those games shown at E3 end up here anyway on media tours afterwards...

Posted:A year ago

Send it up north to Vancouver :)

Posted:A year ago


Paul Jace Merchandiser

1,169 1,946 1.7
Anywhere on the east coast would be fine.

Posted:A year ago


Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer

1,269 943 0.7
Would love it to be new york.... its a tad expensive but its were I was born and would love to see it there. Its also easier for me to travel there.

Posted:A year ago


Bonnie Patterson Narrative Designer, Writer

272 828 3.0
Detroit or Flint. E3 carries its own attendants, so it doesn't really matter where it goes, people will come anyway. So go somewhere that needs the money and be the spark for a new digital industry to replace the lost automotive ones.

Detroit could have a fantastic theme for horror games,especially, with its spectacular abandoned buildings.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Bonnie Patterson on 12th June 2014 5:47am

Posted:A year ago


Steve Peterson Marketing Consultant

131 123 0.9
Thus begins the contract negotiations... LACC will try hard to keep E3, you can bet. But the show would be better off elsewhere. E3 doesn't need the full size of the LACC any more, and could fit into less expensive, more convenient convention facilities.

Posted:A year ago


James Brightman Editor in Chief,

296 554 1.9
As much as I would love NY for myself, Chicago seems like a nice compromise since it's more centrally located. It's a bit easier for people from different parts of the US to all get there. And O'Hare airport is a major hub.

Posted:A year ago

Negotiation tactic.

Posted:A year ago

I agree with Simon, likely this is just positioning.

Still, does anyone remember when E3 was in Atlanta for a few years back in the late 1990's? That was fun and a nice change from LA.

Posted:A year ago


Torgeir Hagland Sr Programmer, Gaikai Inc.

21 3 0.1
I remember Atlanta. It was horrible... and I remember the "Santa Monica Airport"... also horrible...

Problem with Atlanta, apart from the heat and humidity is booth design and logistics.

I'm sure it's just a negotiation tactic.

Posted:A year ago


Duncan Dickerson Analyst, KKR

5 1 0.2
The biggest conventions in NYC are usually a true pain to manage/attend... So while I would like it to be here it probably shouldn't.

Posted:A year ago


Richard Browne Partner & Head of Interactive, Many Rivers Productions

198 278 1.4
I honestly don't think there is a need for E3 in 2016. Activision will be the first to just fly solo and save money.

Posted:A year ago


Peter Lovell Head of Talent Acquisition, NaturalMotion

22 9 0.4
Austin, Austin, Austin - please god let it be Austin.

live music + E3 + sixth street....massive win!

Posted:A year ago


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