Redesigned PS Vita hits US May 6

Hardware will come bundled with Borderlands 2, 8GB memory card for $200

After debuting in Japan in October and launching in the UK earlier this year, the redesigned PlayStation Vita will finally arrive in North America on May 6, Sony announced today. The $200 bundle will come packaged with a code to download Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card.

The new hardware is slimmer and lighter than the original Vita handheld, but not without some trade-offs. The biggest alteration has been to the system's screen, with the original Vita's OLED display swapped out for a new LCD screen. However, the new screen has also allowed Sony to increase the handheld's battery life.

Early adopters of the redesign will also be getting their hands on Borderlands 2 before existing Vita owners have a chance to play the game. The shooter port won't be making its stand-alone debut at retailers or on the digital PlayStation Store until May 13.

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Latest comments (2)

Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 2 years ago
Hmmmm... a day before my birthday. I already have a Vita here, but this new model plus a B2 code AND a memory card are kind of hard to ignore... Hmmmm. We'll see...
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 2 years ago
Price is still a bit steap for me... but the packed in game and memory card sweaten the deal.
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