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PlayStation 4 sells 5.3 million

By Rachel Weber

PlayStation 4 sells 5.3 million

Tue 18 Feb 2014 9:10am GMT / 4:10am EST / 1:10am PST

"PS4 was January's top-selling console in the United States"

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment is a Japanese videogame company specialising in a variety of areas in the...

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 5.3 million units globally, as of February 8.

"I am thrilled that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play throughout and beyond the holiday season," said Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment..

"We are delighted that according to the NPD Group's latest data, PS4 was January's top-selling console in the United States. The PS4 system's momentum just keeps growing stronger, and we are extremely grateful for the continued passion and support of PlayStation fans. February 22 sees the launch of PS4 in Japan, and I'm looking forward to Japanese fans sharing the excitement of the deep social capabilities and entertainment experiences only possible on PS4."

PlayStation 4 went on sale in the US on November 15 and November 29 in Europe. It's due to go on sale in Japan on February 22. In the US the console sold over a million units in its first 24 hours on sale.

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Jakub Mikyska CEO, Grip Digital

228 1,263 5.5
Popular Comment
Considering there is nothing to play on PS4 right now (Or XB1 for that matter), the momentum is impressive. If this isn't a proof that there is a lot of life in dedicated game consoles, I don't know what is...

Posted:2 years ago


Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games

86 54 0.6
This means is currently tracking ahead of Both PS2 and Wii, interesting to see if it becomes the best selling console yet.

Posted:2 years ago


Alan Resnin Journalist

19 15 0.8
PS4 is doing great.

Posted:2 years ago


Matthew Hardy Studying Multimedia/Game Design, ITT Technical Institute

49 108 2.2
I believe, after an 8 year console drought, these numbers are reached by way of mid to hardcore gamers wanting something more powerful & once satisfied these numbers will slow significantly...& soon.
I think the average consumer finds much more value in a tablet at the same price point.
I think this console gen will be the least successful for any of the big 3. I don't see any of them reaching 50MM globally.
IMHO, consoles arent dead but will become more niche with each passing year.

Posted:2 years ago


Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd

1,025 1,486 1.4
I'm afraid I agree with Mathew, even as one of said early adopters. It's unlikely that this rush to buy involves any real level of the mass market consumers necessary to sustain long-term success. That said, I think because of the incredibly high percentage of the core focused on PS4 instead of Xbox One, the huge share that Sony will get will drive them to 100 million, while Microsoft will have 30-40 million.

Posted:2 years ago


Richard Browne Partner & Head of Interactive, Many Rivers Productions

224 318 1.4
I'd say that was incredibly optimistic for PS4 and woefully pessimistic for XBox One. We're still in a production march, both machines are performing admirably given there is no reason to buy either. Titanfall looks like being the first "must own" next gen title - but even then there's a 360/PC version but it might juice One sales a bit.

Posted:2 years ago


Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing

1,499 1,899 1.3
Depending on various projections, this is either the 5% or 10% mark of total sales. We basically know what we knew before, which is what the core gaming audience slightly prefers as their console. The battle for mainstream games and media services is still to come and might dramatically alter results, as we have seen last gen with the Wii.

Posted:2 years ago


Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer

1,269 943 0.7
I like console games, so I get excited at news like this, but for some people no console news will ever be good news... :/

Posted:2 years ago


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