Codemasters Humble Sale raises $1 million

Money raised will help support UK charity SpecialEffect

There's still two days left of the Codemasters Humble Weekly Sale to go, but total sales already stand at over $1 million.

198,338 purchases of the bundle of games have been made so far, with an average price paid of $5.15. The package includes Overlord and Overlord: Raising Hell DLC, Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Rise of the Argonauts and for those who pay $6 or more DiRT Showdown, DiRT 3 and Overlord II.

The UK charity SpecialEffect, which helps to make games accessible to those with disabilities and serious illness, will also benefit from the sales with purchasers able to decide how their money is split between Codemasters, SpecialEffect and Humble.

More information about the sale can be found here.

So far the largest amount paid for the bundle has been $369 by retail site G2A.

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