Clint Hocking departs Valve

Far Cry 2 creative director no longer working at Seattle company

It seems Clint Hocking has departed Valve after just 18 months with the company, where he worked as a designer and level designer.

Game Informer spotted the changes to Hocking's personal blog and LinkedIn listing, which indicates he left Valve last month.

GamesIndustry International has contacted Hocking to find out what he might be up to next.

Hocking made his name in the industry during his nine years with Ubisoft Montreal as creative director on Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Far Cry 2. In May 2010 he announced he had handed in his resignation, and explained he had become too comfortable at the Canadian development studio.

"The way forward lies in my having the courage that I did not know I had a decade ago to bid farewell to those tragically comforting habits. I need to walk on hot coals and sleep on a bed of nails. I need to chew on broken glass. I need to drink paint."

In July 2010 he moved to LucasArts and spent two years working on unannounced projects.

He's also on the on the Advisory Board of the Montreal IGDA Chapter.

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