Bungie sets Destiny release for September 2014

"For us, Destiny represents a once in a lifetime opportunity"

It's bad news for those waiting on Bungie's next-gen title Destiny, as the studio has set a release date for 9 September 2014, pushing back from its original goal of early 2014.

"We first shared the design pillars of Destiny less than one year ago. We promised to redefine what players should expect from a Bungie game. We said we wanted to change the way people play games together. We set our bar high. For us, Destiny represents a once in a lifetime opportunity," Bungie said in its blog.

"Since then, Destiny has continued to reveal its promise. Every new build brings us closer to our original vision. With those goals in sight, we intend to use every moment from now until the release of the game to ensure that Destiny lives up to your expectations, and our own."

The beta will be available to PlayStation 3 and 4 owners first, and will go live next summer.

Bungie and Activision are expected to release at least four Destiny titles together. In August COO Pete Parsons told GamesIndustry International that he had high hopes for the franchise.

"We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars; we've already seen they do that with Halo. We were extremely proud of what we achieved with Halo... I'm pretty convinced we are going to do it again with Destiny in a way that maybe even Halo never achieved before."

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See you in beta
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Pete Thompson Editor 3 years ago
Ouch..! Was looking forward to this early 2014.. But no doubt being Bungie it will be worth the wait..
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