Take-Two buys out Icahn for $203.5m

"With our ample cash and strong expected cash flow, we are able to pursue a variety of investment opportunities"

Take-Two Interactive Software has repurchased all of the Icahn Group's stock, a deal worth $203.5 million and involving 12.02 million shares.

"This share repurchase reflects our confidence in the Company's outlook for record results in fiscal 2014 and continued Non-GAAP profitability every year for the foreseeable future," said Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

"With our ample cash and strong expected cash flow, we are able to pursue a variety of investment opportunities, including repurchasing our Company's stock. On behalf of our board and management team, I would like to thank Brett, James and Sung for their support, dedication and service to our organisation. They leave Take-Two better positioned than ever for continued success."

The move was funded by cash and cash equivalents on hand and Take-Two explained the move is "part of an ongoing strategy to buy back its shares."

Take-Two and Icahn gave no reason for the sale of the shares, but as previously agreed, Icahn's Brett Icahn, Jim Nelson, and SungHwan Cho and have resigned from the Take-Two board.

The Icahn Group is overseen by activist investor Carl Icahn and this year Forbes named him one of its 40 Highest-Earning hedge fund managers. In the past he's tried to acquire Dell, Marvel Comics and owns a ten percent stake in Netflix.

[UPDATE]: Investors did not greet the news warmly, as Take-Two shares traded at twice their average volume and ended the trading day down 5.49 percent to $16.

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Its great that 2K have the ability to steer their own course now without Icahn on board
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Christopher Bowen Editor in Chief, Gaming Bus3 years ago
Translation: "And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, asshole."
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