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Black Flag beats Battlefield 4 to top of UK charts

Black Flag beats Battlefield 4 to top of UK charts

Mon 04 Nov 2013 8:52am GMT / 3:52am EST / 12:52am PST

Sales of both iterations down compared to previous years as some consumers wait for next-gen

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has beaten EA's Battlefield 4 to the top of the UK charts, although sales of both titles are down on previous iterations of their respective franchises.

Both titles are likely to have been affected by the imminent release of next-generation consoles, suggested Chart Track, but Black Flag sales benefited from a Tuesday release instead of the usual Friday.

Other new entries in the top ten are Sega's Football Manager 2014 for PC at 6 and WWE 2K14 at 7, now published by 2K Sports.

The full top 20 can be read below:

  • 01 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • 02 Battlefield 4
  • 03 FIFA 14
  • 04 Grand Theft Auto V
  • 05 Batman Arkham Origins
  • 06 Football Manager 2014
  • 07 WWE 2K14
  • 08 Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
  • 09 Skylanders Swapforce
  • 10 Pokemon Y
  • 11 Pokemon X
  • 12 Just Dance 2014
  • 13 Disney Infinity
  • 14 LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes
  • 15 F1 2013
  • 16 LEGO Lord of the Rings
  • 17 Tomb Raider
  • 18 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • 19 Saint's Row IV
  • 20 Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed


Andreas Gschwari
Senior Games Designer

559 608 1.1
Will be interesting to see next week's numbers. Black Flag had 2 or 3 days on BF4, so not surprised to see them top the chart this week.

Posted:10 months ago


Ruben Monteiro

77 190 2.5
Can anyone tell me one title in that list that is not "Franchise Iteration Number N"? Please.

Posted:10 months ago


Andreas Gschwari
Senior Games Designer

559 608 1.1
Obviously none, but that's hardly surprising. It's coming up on Christmas, so the big franchises hit the shelves.

Posted:10 months ago


Luke Herbert
Game Designer

9 9 1.0
Depends how picky you are but I would argue that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is not a Franchise Iteration Number N

Posted:10 months ago


Ruben Monteiro

77 190 2.5
A port of a 4 year old game? Well allright, I guess that will have to do...

Posted:10 months ago


Anthony Gowland
Lead Designer

187 619 3.3
Popular Comment
Disney Infinity.

Also what's wrong with people buying sequels?

Posted:10 months ago


Nicholas Pantazis
Senior Editor

1,020 1,467 1.4
@ Ruben This tends to happen on the tail end of generations. Sequels are good money and developers get locked into them. That doesn't mean new IPs and creative games aren't coming (like Watch Dogs from Ubisoft next year), but it may take a while before we see what new efforts publishers have coming for the new platforms.

Posted:10 months ago


Barrie Tingle
Live Producer

374 148 0.4
Disney Infinity isn't a franchise iteration number.

Posted:10 months ago


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