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Xbox Entertainment Studios signs football reality show

Xbox Entertainment Studios signs football reality show

Wed 16 Oct 2013 8:04am GMT / 4:04am EDT / 1:04am PDT

Every Street United from Mandalay Sports Media to feature interactive components

Xbox Entertainment Studios has signed up its first reality TV show for the Xbox One console, a football series titled Every Street United.

Deadline reports that the show will be produced by Mandalay Sports Media, with Mike Tollin and Jon Weinbach as executive producers and Jonathan Hock directing.

Mandalay Sports Media's back catalogue includes Coach Carter starring Samuel L. Jackson and teenage drama series One Tree Hill. Hock is primarily a documentary filmmaker and his most recent work is the series 30 For 30 for ESPN.

The report suggests the show will travel through America, Spain, Holland, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana and South Korea hunting down unsigned local football talent, with a finale at the 2014 World Cup. It's also "expected to feature interactive components."

Microsoft has already announced the Halo drama series, produced by Steven Spielberg, and entertainment and digital media president Nancy Tellem and CEO Steve Ballmer have reportedly been courting the big TV companies in LA in their hunt for content.

GamesIndustry International has reached out to Microsoft and Mandalay Sports Media for comment.


Pete Thompson
Owner / Admin

174 99 0.6
As much as i'm looking forward to the Xbox ONE's release, Football (and I'm English, so expected to be a fan of footy) is not a big draw for me at all, I prefer strongman comps & MMA etc..
But I am looking forward to the Halo series.. :)

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Posted:11 months ago


Paul Jace

925 1,381 1.5
I have zero interest in reality tv and even less interest in football. I really hope they didn't waste a bunch of money on this. Still, I'm also looking forward to the Halo series.

Posted:11 months ago


Aleksi Ranta
Product Manager - Hardware

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Are these shows to be available worldwide? I have a slightly itching feeling somewhere that not necessarily so....

Posted:11 months ago


Klaus Preisinger
Freelance Writing

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"We nned to strengthen our sports profile with something that is relevant outside the U.S."
"We need more television"
"We need something established, formulaic and quick to produce"
"I need another armchair"

I suppose they did not get the memo on the extend of the scouting systems in these countries. If you are over 16 and not signed by a professional football club, you are out. Then again, having pan-europen databases with detailed psychological and physiological profiles of every player might casting a few sobs to drag in front of the camera a lot easier. After all, it is a scripted show more than being a depiction of reality.

Posted:11 months ago


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