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Killzone dev: Effort needed to make next-gen title has "quadrupled"

Killzone dev: Effort needed to make next-gen title has "quadrupled"

Mon 07 Oct 2013 8:53am GMT / 4:53am EDT / 1:53am PDT

Guerrilla Games' Eric Boltjes explains PS4's easier architecture

Guerrilla Games' lead designer on Killzone: Shadow Fall has explained that while the PlayStation 4 is easier to create a title for thanks to its architecture, it's also a lot more demanding.

"The architecture is really cool because it's easier to develop for, you get more memory, you get more hard drive space, you get more processing power so the architecture is easier," Eric Boltjes told VG247.

"It's also a lot more demanding, because the production effort needed just to make a next-gen title now is not doubled; It's quadrupled."

"That's because everything needs to look that much better. It takes a lot more people, and that takes a lot more communication. So it does it make things a lot more easier from a technical standpoint, but from a professional standpoint it makes things a lot harder."

He likened the process to "leaving your save data for something new and scary" but also said that being on the next-generation platform was of paramount importance to Guerrilla. In fact it was a decision that had been made about two and a half years ago.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released alongside the PlayStation 4 next month.


James Prendergast
Research Chemist

735 432 0.6
So next gen console games are going to look better than high-end PC titles now? I have to admit that I thought a lot of studios made high quality assets and then down-scaled them for whatever platform they were releasing on... in which case you'd just have to downgrade them slightly less than for the current generation of consoles.

Posted:11 months ago


Hugo Dubs
Interactive Designer

163 24 0.1
Totally, that's common practices. However, does guerrilla makes pc games? Apparently not, so they may have a different pipeline and starts from the low res :P Haha...

Posted:11 months ago


Steven Pick
Lead Graphic Designer

70 14 0.2
Quadrupled? Very scientific.

Posted:11 months ago


Ruud Van De Moosdijk
VP of Development

51 58 1.1
They are wholy owned by Sony, so I don't think they make PC games no. .

Posted:11 months ago


Paul Johnson
Managing Director / Lead code monkey

823 1,061 1.3
I think it's great that they're trying to make games that are four times more fun. Oh wait..

Posted:11 months ago


Ahmed Sharif
Software Development Engineer in Test (R&D)

14 6 0.4
To be fair, he said "the production effort" needed to make a next gen title has been quadrupled. Production as whole is not necessarily limited to just graphics.

Posted:11 months ago


Christian Keichel

669 916 1.4
Quadrupled? Very scientific.
What's unscientific about the term "Quadrupled"? And how can a statement about the effort to make a game be "scientific" at all?

Posted:11 months ago


Adam Campbell
Associate Producer

1,165 948 0.8
It may seem like an ambiguous figure but that's how he feels about the effort required to achieve his and his team's ambitions. Ambitions have risen dramatically from what I'm hearing and seeing across the industry, particularly with the freedom the new platforms will allow.

Posted:11 months ago


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