EA promotes Maxis' Lucy Bradshaw to SVP

Form 3 filing reveals new title for executive

Lucy Bradshaw, previously general manager of Maxis at EA, has been promoted to a senior vice president at the corporation. She will retain her responsibilities at the Sims studio whilst moving up the corporate chain.

Part of the recent executive shake up at the company, which has included the promotion of Sports head Andrew Wilson to CEO and DICE boss Patrick Soderlund to Sports head, the move sees Bradshaw reporting directly to Wilson.

EA has yet to publicly confirm the move, but a form 3 filing unearthed by GameInformer includes Bradshaw's new job title.

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They can do what they want of course but a fan gamer who went through the Sim City farce/debacle for weeks after launch, I am amazed at this decision.
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Craig Burkey Software Engineer 4 years ago
Isn't she the donkey that didn't consider offline gamers when designing Sim City?
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Axel Cushing Freelance Writer 4 years ago
I'm kinda curious about that. How much responsibility does she hold for the whole "online only" debacle with Sim City? If it's anything more than "she was vaguely briefed on it," this is probably not a good sign for EA.
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