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Wii U "not on our radar" - Bethesda

By Brendan Sinclair

Wii U "not on our radar" - Bethesda

Wed 07 Aug 2013 1:49pm GMT / 9:49am EDT / 6:49am PDT

Elder Scrolls developer gives hardware limitations as the reason it's not bringing titles to Nintendo's system

Bethesda Softworks

The Bethesda Softworks division, founded in 1986, has a long history of success as a developer and publisher...

Nintendo's battle for Wii U support from third-party publishers isn't just about the installed user base. It's also about the system's horsepower, according to Bethesda Softworks. Speaking with Joystiq at QuakeCon, Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines explained the company's absence from the system.

"It's largely a hardware thing," Hines said, adding that Bethesda's plan is to "make the games that we want to make, on whatever platforms will support them as developed."

The company's slate of upcoming games includes The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and The Evil Within. While Elder Scrolls Online is only being developed for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, the other two games are also coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Hines wouldn't rule out Bethesda eventually working on Nintendo's console, but it's clearly not a priority for the company.

"None of the game's we've announced are being developed for the Wii U, so it's guaranteed that none of those games are coming to Wii U," Hines said. "Will any future ones come out? I can't say for sure, in our near-term focus it's not on our radar."

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Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster

1,472 1,576 1.1
Hardware is one thing but sales another, but I think that's what they mean by 'priorities' and not ruling out Nintendo's system for the future.

Posted:3 years ago


Steven Pick Lead Graphic Designer, Atomhawk Design

70 14 0.2
Surely there's a market for a Skyrim Wii U edition? Wii Gamepad would be perfect for map navigation, weapon management, etc. Seems a shame they're not considering the Wii U for something so straight-forward.

Posted:3 years ago


Nick Farley Senior 3d Artist, The Creative Assembly

1 2 2.0
Who would play it? Everyone has it already. Ports have stung EA with Mass Effect 3 and the apparently brilliant version of NFS. Same as Arkham City forWarner Bros. There is no market for games that have been on other systems, in some cases for over a year. The Wii-U needs bespoke content or simultaneous multi-platform games to survive.

Posted:3 years ago


Dan Howdle Head of Content, Existent

281 815 2.9

I'm pretty sure porting something like Skyrim over to new architecture is anything but straightforward. Complex and expensive would be my guess.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Dan Howdle on 7th August 2013 5:22pm

Posted:3 years ago


Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster

1,472 1,576 1.1
I'm pretty sure porting something like Skyrim over to new architecture is anything but straightforward. Complex and expensive would be my guess.
As always, considerations would need to be made but the platform is said to be anything but difficult to port games to. The architecture is very familiar and other areas such as the memory and disc storage are large. If anything would be complex, it would be taking advantage of the controller in an atypical way.

Posted:3 years ago


Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,611 1,686 0.6
Who would play it? Everyone has it already.
Not if one ONLY has Nintendo systems in the household, Nick. These people DO exist.

It's that sort of thinking that's crippled development on the console as well as acceptance of a number of solid games ported to it in enhanced (and some would say better) versions.

I could see Arkane's Dishonored doing well enough on the console as well as other SP and/or MP-focused games Bethsoft is publishing. Mikami's upcoming horror game? Yup, that might be another potential solid game. Take an old IP like Hunted: The Demon's Forge and rework it for that GamePad and it would be fun.

Granted, I'd see this done by different developers already experienced with the hardware and not handed over to folks who have tp futz around and figure out what works and what doesn't. As for Skyrim... as Dan notes, too big and too expensive for sure... but I'd love to see Bethsoft at least try something on a Nintendo console TES-related at some point even if it's something like a remake of Shadowkey for the 3DS or even better (and more unlikely) a ground-up (and yeah, expensive) version of one of the older TES games (again, programmed by folks who can get in there and blow the system out in a good way with a decent game)...

Posted:3 years ago

Bethesda is just another victim of laziness following the profit margins. Besides install base is alot easier to port between Ps4 and and xbox one because of similar hardware specifications. Graphics don't make games Bethesda , a hint. Skyrim for example just had hilarious bugs, so just drop the excuses. Then Nintendo is very helpful with the creation of Wii u games just ask Platinum games. The wii u can handle is just as fine if not better.

Posted:3 years ago


Kevin Patterson musician

199 111 0.6
Per Vgchartz, Batman: Arkham City on the Wii-u sold 0.16m globally, the 360 version sold 3.89m, the PS3 version sold 4.43m.
Mass effect 3 sold 0.06m on Wii-u globally, 2.78m on 360, and 1.15m on PS3.
Need for speed: Most wanted sold 0.03m on Wii-u, 1.10m on 360, and 1.193 on PS3

Looking at those numbers, I am wondering how Deus Ex:Human revolution will do when it's directors cut version is released on Wii-u.

Even one of the Wii-u's best third party games, ZombiU, has only sold 0.48m globally.

It's not hard to see why Bethesda is not that interested in the time and expense of porting a game to a system that might not sell that many copies. IF they would develop a new offshoot game, a Elder Scrolls Wiiu game that was a new title, i think it would do well, but not a port of a title everyone already has. I'd love to see bethesda work with mobile and wii-u developers to make games in the world outside of their own titles. Ever since I got my Ipad, I have wished for a true Elder scrolls game on it. I'd love for them to remaster battlespire and Redguard as well.

Posted:3 years ago


Paul Jace Merchandiser

1,201 2,054 1.7
The Wii U doesn't seem to be on very many people's radar these days, from consumers to developers. Consumers don't feel it has enough unique content to warrent a purchase and developers don't think it's install base is large enough to deserve a port or original title. It's pretty much a double edge sword for Nintendo but they atleast have a chance to change things around this fall depending on how well they do during the holidays.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Paul Jace on 7th August 2013 11:07pm

Posted:3 years ago


Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd

1,025 1,486 1.4
Popular Comment
@ Kevin I don't disagree with your general principle (that there is little economic reason to put resources into Wii U as a third party at the moment) but your comparisons are utterly useless. Late ports all of them. Most over a year late, and all with major flaws excepting Need for Speed. Hell Mass Effect 3 was released at the same time as a trilogy collection on PC, PS3, and 360 for the SAME PRICE.

Still, I agree Bethesda would have no reason to devote those resources right now.

Posted:3 years ago


Robin Clarke Producer, AppyNation Ltd

439 1,192 2.7
It would be nice to see Bethesda games on more platforms but I can understand the logic of only wanting to go for big bets.

It's a shame there isn't a publisher that fills the role Aspyr and their ilk used to (and possibly still do?) on the Mac, licensing games for porting to niche platforms.

Posted:3 years ago


Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster

1,472 1,576 1.1
Its hard to disagree with Nicholas about the comparisons. Late games often falling short on content and performance, really doesn't impress the customer.

Sure, many of these titles released before the Wii-U even came out but new games have an opportunity to sell better on the console, especially if improved graphics and customised controls are marketed.
It's a shame there isn't a publisher that fills the role Aspyr and their ilk used to (and possibly still do?) on the Mac, licensing games for porting to niche platforms.
There still are and ones that would probably port to Wii-U if asked. Not all of them solely focus on porting but would gladly take up the task as a good business opportunity. There are many such studios globally.
on the Mac
London based company Feral Interactive are a good example on Mac.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adam Campbell on 8th August 2013 1:53pm

Posted:3 years ago


Steve Goldman Journalist.

81 92 1.1
I will wait until they make a non broken, buggy boring game

Posted:3 years ago


Aaron Johnson Buyer

32 52 1.6
Boring game? I've loved every title in the Elder Scrolls series and Skyrim's the reason I have a 360.

Posted:3 years ago


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