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Sega financials improve with increased swing to digital

Sega financials improve with increased swing to digital

Wed 31 Jul 2013 2:03pm GMT / 10:03am EDT / 7:03am PDT

Q1 profits up 400 per cent, Company of Heroes sells 380,000 copies

Sega Sammy has recorded Q1 profits of 12.9 billion ($131.8m / 87m), up 408 per cent compared to 2.5 billion ($25.8m / 17m) for the same period last year.

Net sales amounted to 90.7 billion ($923.6m / 609.7m), up 29.6 per cent on last year, with the company noting that sales of packaged goods slowed while demand for mobile, digital and social gaming was healthy.

Company of Heroes 2 sold 380,000 copies during the short time it was on sale in the three month period, while Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita sold 500,000 copies via digital and physical media.

Sales in the company's video game division were 18.8 billion ($192.2m / 126.9m) for the three months, with operating profits of 39 million ($396,104 / 262,104).

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Christian Keichel

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Sega financials improve with increased swing to digital
The profit of the whole company was $131.8 million up from $25.8 million, the video game segment reported a profit of $396104 up from a loss of $1600000, so yes the video game division's (read Sega's) financials improved, but looking at the Sega Sammy as a whole, Sega's significance in the company is fading every year.

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