Shadow of the Eternals restarting Kickstarter

Precursor campaign re-launches July 25; still no details on what prompted initial crowdfunding cancellation

Precursor Games today announced it would be re-launching the Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaign on July 25, both on Kickstarter and through its own website.

The developer halted its original push for the game on June 6, citing "a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned." Today's update made no apparent mention of what those opportunities were, but it did detail new contests and podcasts in the works.

The Shadow of the Eternals campaign has not gone smoothly. From its unveiling, there was skepticism from some due to Precursor's staff of Silicon Knights veterans, including its CEO Paul Caporicci and its chief creative officer, Denis Dyack. The last days of Silicon Knights were marked by an ugly legal battle with Epic Games over the unauthorized use of the Unreal Engine and allegations that the studio had intentionally tanked its last game, X-Men Destiny, diverting resources instead to an Eternal Darkness sequel.

Finally, after the plug was temporarily pulled on the campaign last month, Precursor cofounder Ken McCulloch was arrested on a number of child pornography charges. Precursor quickly severed all ties to McCulloch, who was credited as the studio's lore keeper, world builder, and dream merchant in the original Shadow of the Eternals pitch video.

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