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Applications open for Kinect for Windows dev kits

Applications open for Kinect for Windows dev kits

Thu 27 Jun 2013 8:07am GMT / 4:07am EDT / 1:07am PDT
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$399 for early access to sensor SDK

Applications are now open to join the Kinect for Windows developer kit program. Whilst the sensor and SDK won't be available for general release until 2014, successful applicants will receive their units, as well as other benefits, in January of this year.

The cost for the Windows kit will be $399, or "local equivalent." Included for that price are a pre-release sensor bar, later upgraded to a final model, direct early access to Windows for Kinect engineers via webcasts and a private forum and early API access.

Availability is limited and applications must be completed by 9am Pacific time on July 31. More details can be found here.


Paul Johnson
Managing Director / Lead code monkey

853 1,109 1.3
So they're only offering me $400 to spend time supporting their new toy? Pass.

Posted:A year ago


Craig Page

382 218 0.6
You guys should have your lawyers add a long disclaimer at the bottom of the story stating that $399 is a waste of your time and money.

1. No one owns a Kinect for Windows, so there's no one to sell your games or applications to.
2. The hardware itself is garbage, there's a big delay between your movement and the sensors picking it up. That's the reason why there are no good games for Kinect on 360.
3. The people running Microsoft right now are idiots, if Kinect ever does take off they'll mess it up to try and sell more copies of Windows 8 or Office.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Craig Page on 27th June 2013 5:53pm

Posted:A year ago


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