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Xbox One will have an indie creator program, says Mattrick

Xbox One will have an indie creator program, says Mattrick

Tue 28 May 2013 7:56pm GMT / 3:56pm EDT / 12:56pm PDT

Microsoft's new console will support independent developers in some form, says Xbox exec

Microsoft may not be changing its publishing policies for independent developers on the Xbox One, but it isn't looking to shut them out entirely, either. According to a Kotaku article today based on an interview last week, Microsoft's head of interactive entertainment Don Mattrick has promised support for smaller developers.

"We're going to have an independent creator program," Mattrick said, adding, "That is something we think--I think--is important. That's how I started in the industry. There's no way we're going to build a box that doesn't support that."

Mattrick noted Microsoft has already been working with independent developers on the Xbox 360. He specifically pointed to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, and how Microsoft allowed it to have an expedited update schedule ordinarily not allowed by the console-maker's policies.

Mattrick declined to provide details on exactly what sort of assistance indie developers would be offered on Xbox One.


Andrew Goodchild
Studying development

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I think he forgot to mention the bit where they allowed Minecraft to have those updates because it had already sold millions, and it was important to get it before Playstation.

Of course he did, in a roundabout way mention that generally, nobody else was allowed to.

Posted:A year ago


Christopher Bowen
Editor in Chief

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"Yeah, we'll give you a place to make your shitty Minecraft clones! We just won't ever show you to anyone who would ever buy them! We're going to stick them on our equivalent of the ghetto like we did on the 360!"

Posted:A year ago


Yiannis Koumoutzelis
Founder & Creative Director

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"in some form" ;)

Posted:A year ago


Paul Jace

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Last week we got:
Shutting out the indies is a big mistake for Xbox One
Today we get:
Xbox One will have an indie creator program
I just love a good plot twist.

Posted:A year ago


Adam Campbell
Associate Producer

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Realistically, we never really had all the information when there were complaints about indies being shut out.

Posted:A year ago

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This sounds like good news (pending details), but seriously... The only way you'd see more backpedalling than Microsoft has been doing this week is if you watched the Tour de France on rewind.

Posted:A year ago

Its almost like looking at UK Coalition politics, its not what is being said its how its being said and stressed (or omitted)

Posted:A year ago


Aleksi Ranta
Product Manager - Hardware

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I smell damage control. But then again, during the course of a working day i smell a lot of things....

Posted:A year ago


Paul Johnson
Managing Director / Lead code monkey

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I don't want to be treated like some second class citizen anyway, there are plenty of better options for small indies to create. If the management don't "get" the value of indie games, there's no point trying to push it - they speak the wrong language.

This is a shame, I thought MS were finally catching on, but alas. I want to like MS, I really do, but they keep dropping the ball.

Posted:A year ago


Rick Lopez
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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Thats nice, lets see how they go about it and how it will benefit the developer to take part in their, indie game program.

Posted:A year ago


John Pickford

45 152 3.4
They don't need an indie game program. They just need to allow indies to self-publish. Anything else is just BS.

Posted:A year ago


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