Roundtable: New opportunities in video game hardware

GameHorizon Live: Epic, Blitz and GameStick discuss the impact and relevance of new video gaming technology

This year should see a new generation of video game hardware enter the market, from Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles, to micro-consoles from Ouya and GameStick, to smart TV, to experimental systems like Oculus Rift and the continued evolution of tablets and smartphones.

In this exclusive session from GameHorizon, Epic's Mark Rein, GameStick's Sameer Baroova and Blitz Games' Andrew Oliver discuss the potential impact of these new technologies, the opportunities they present for game developers, whether new tech can make a real impact on the market, and how consoles can keep up with the rapid iteration of mobile hardware.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 3 years ago
Quit simply, any attempt to make me wear something on my face will fail. Such as 3D glasses, virtual reality helmets, augamented reality headsets and anything similar. Same with anything gimmicky.
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Very interesting - thank for offering this.

Very telling on what was not said - seems they may feel these are interesting times but there are a lot of issues towards future success. Not sure their pay masters will be happy with the comments on the Next Gen?
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