Cage: "I make games by passion"

Why making Beyond isn't about making money for the CEO

Quantic Dream's founder and CEO has revealed his motivation for developing games, and the thought behind some of the narrative choices he made for upcoming title, Beyond: Two Souls.

"I put a lot of myself in the games we make," David Cage told VG247.

"I don't do work for hire. I don't make games to make money. I make games by passion, because I want to share something, because I have something to tell."

In the interview he also said he was grateful to Sony for not forcing a Heavy Rain sequel onto the company, and discusses the non-chronological nature of Beyond's innovative game play.

"You'll never know what to expect. You don't know. You can't tell. Will you be Jodie when she's an adult, or when she's a teenager, or when she's a kid? You don't know. Will I be homeless? Will I be chased? What will happen to me? There's no way you can tell. The fact that the game is totally unpredictable is something I really enjoy, and it's not just unpredictable in story but in terms of what you're going to do, where you're going to be, what the context will be."

Beyond is due for release as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on October 8.

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John Karageorgiou consultant 3 years ago
To this day, and after so many years, Heavy Rain remains my favourite game. This is the future of gaming, and David Cage is at the very centre.
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Private Industry 3 years ago
Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit are great gamea and I look forward to the new game. The QD games are like modern point and click adventures.
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Ben Gonshaw Game Design Consultant, AKQA3 years ago
I appreciate the progress he's made from Omikron to Heavy Rain. The balance between passive narrative exposition and gameplay is a hard one to tread and I'm glad that we have Cage exploring the edges of interactivity. It's great to have games where the player's agency in the world is to affect people's relationships as well as the trigger. I really hope he can have the guts to make a plot that doesn't hinge on paranormal/aliens/robots/simulations or all the above. I'm not sure that the AAA console market is quite ready for its Magnolia or Garden State, but I'm waiting with baited breath for mature (and by that I mean sophisticated) and quirky plotting worthy of a night in with the missus.
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Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster3 years ago
As always, I'm excited to see this team push the envelope and I'm really glad Cage has the creative and financial freedom he needs.
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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 3 years ago
Sounds like he wants to make movies.
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