Nvidia appoints new Tegra boss

Phil Carmack makes way for Deepu Talla as Nvidia makes Tegra central to its strategy

Nvidia has named Deepu Talla as the new head of its Tegra mobile processor business unit.

Talla replaces former Tegra chief Phil Carmack, who built the entire division "from scratch" over a 10-year period - it is now worth around $750 million in annual revenue. Carmack has been appointed CEO of a so-far unnamed partner company.

Talla joined Nvidia this year as vice president of Tegra business development. Prior to that, he spent 10 years at the semi-conductor manufacturer Texas Instruments, where he rose to the position of general manager of its OMAP mobile computing division.

The reshuffle coincides with a broader move to integrate Tegra's design team into Nvidia's broader engineering structure, putting the ubiquitous mobile processor at the heart of the company's future strategy.

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Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster3 years ago
I'm looking forward to seeing how this re-structure will affect the fundamental design philosophies of the Tegra GPU.

Before it didn't appear to be the central focus looking at the architecture, which is impressive but seemingly derivative of earlier Geforce architectures (albeit with a few new features).

The competition is high when it comes to mobile performance and efficiency, and some of the other companies are a little ahead in my opinion.
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