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Wed 27 Mar 2013 9:39am GMT / 5:39am EDT / 2:39am PDT

10th anniversary, rebrand and new games for Candy Crush Saga dev, the company behind titles like Candy Crush Saga, now has 108 million players a month, and 50 million of those play every day.

The players are racking up a massive 12 billion game plays per month, and 49 million are doing it on mobile. The social gaming company, which is the second largest developer of Facebook games, revealed the statistics to mark its ten year anniversary, and to accompany the news that it would drop the .com and henceforth be called King.

"We have had lots of fun over the last 10 years making great games and we are honoured to have acquired such a loyal fan-base," said CEO Riccardo Zacconi.

"The exceptional growth of our mobile, Facebook, and cross-platform audience is a testament to the care and craft that goes into our games. We're pleased to announce two new Saga games on Facebook with Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. These games build upon our Saga portfolio with new concepts that players are sure to enjoy."

The company has grown from 120 to 450 staff in the past year, and has offices in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Bucharest, Hamburg, Malta, Malmo and San Francisco.

"Everyone says this, but: to get the numbers we focus on making good games, and then making better games," chief marketing office Alex Dale told Develop yesterday.

"We have a lot of customers who start on mobile and come to the Facebook games. We also see that people who play on two devices play twice as much as they do on one device. Because they simply can - mobile is accessible at different times and in different ways to Facebook. So each platform and all players benefit from cross-platform with our kind of games."


Andreas Gschwari
Senior Games Designer

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One of my favorite moments in the last months: late evening flight from London to Stockholm, sitting in business class, all gentlemen in suits around me and all 6 of us playing Candy Crush. 3 on tablets and 3 on our mobile phones. Each looking over to the other people checking what level they were on and giving advice.

Never seen this before with games and it just shows that the games creates hit all demographics. Great success coming from a great strategy.

Posted:A year ago


Philip Driver
Client Marketing Manager

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My wife and her entire family are addicted to Candy Crush including her father a 65 year old Taiwanese businessman. A good game can captivate any demographic.

Posted:A year ago


Yiannis Koumoutzelis
Founder & Creative Director

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They have really done a great job on all their games. From Candy Crush to Pet Rescue, and even Bubble Witch and Pyramid Solitaire!

Posted:A year ago

Candy crush represents everything I dislike so much about the mobile gaming market. Game is completely unoriginal with pokie mechanics. In the end its just a really poor game.

Posted:A year ago


Andreas Gschwari
Senior Games Designer

559 608 1.1
@Michael: opinions are subjective aren't they :) millions of gamers enjoying candy crush would disagree, and i am one of them :) does take classic gaming mechanics when they build some of their titles, but every saga game has it's own unique game mechanics and power ups, which really do put a great spin on things and give a fresh experience.

The games are smaller in terms of mechanics and scope (not playtime!) but i would say there is more innovation between candy crush and bejeweled than there is from one FPS game to the next.

Posted:A year ago


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