BioWare San Francisco shuttered

Social game studio lays off entire staff

BioWare San Francisco has been closed and its entire staff of 25 to 30 employees has been laid off, according to GamesRadar. The studio - previously known as EA2D - was focused on creating social and mobile games for Electronic Arts properties.

Anonymous sources told GamesRadar that EA felt the studio was "too expensive". BioWare San Francisco developed Dragon Age: Journeys, Dragon Age: Legends, Mirror's Edge 2D, and The Fancy Pants Adventures.

Electronic Arts has not responded to GamesIndustry International's request for comment yet. When EA does respond, we will update the story. Update: EA told us they addressed the closure in Frank Gibeau's blog a couple weeks ago. That news was about EA Montreal, Los Angeles and some "smaller locations."

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Mike Engle Senior Game Designer, Zynga4 years ago
Sorry to hear that. Been too much of this recently. DA:Legends was good fun too.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 4 years ago
Given that most of EA is too expensive i.e. already talking about some mythical 10-15% hike in dev costs for the next gen. I doubt this is the last closures from their stable.

The rediculous thing is that, due to the PC architecture nature of the next gen, then dev costs will actually fall.
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Tudor Nita Lead Programmer, Gameloft Romania4 years ago
// PC architecture nature of the next gen, then dev costs will actually fall.
The programming R&D costs will fall, without a doubt. But those are tiny compared to the big wallet hitters.
The real costs ( assets ) will only get higher. Double the performance means whoever pushes the prettier polygons will be ahead of the curb.

*By assets I mean the usual things that aren't tied to a certain platform/ architecture: ( writing/ script / shaders/ design and more importantly (cost wise) art )

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Tudor Nita on 6th March 2013 10:01am

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