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PlayStation 4 controller pics surface

PlayStation 4 controller pics surface

Fri 15 Feb 2013 8:24pm GMT / 3:24pm EST / 12:24pm PST

Multiple photos show touchpad-equipped prototype controller for Sony's next system

Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment is a Japanese videogame company specialising in a variety of areas in the...

Sony is expected to unveil the next PlayStation console at a New York City event next Wednesday, but a pair of pictures purportedly showing the system's dev kit may have let some cats out of the bag. The pictures, posted on Destructoid and on the Twitter feed of Digital Foundry, provide some insight into where Sony is looking to go with its next set-top box.

The most notable aspect of the controllers in the pictures is that they feature touchpads in the center. In addition, they have a panel above the touch pad that lights up, which Digital Foundry reckons would be used to give the controller PlayStation Move-like motion-sensing capabilities.

While the general shape of the pad seems to fall in line with the DualShock 3 currently used with the PS3 (although perhaps a bit bulkier), there are a handful of other differences. The new pad appears to have a speaker embedded in the center, just under the touchpad, and features a headset jack on the bottom. Additionally, the twin analog sticks have a new contoured top with a bit of a lip around the edge, as opposed to the smoother mushroom tops of past DualShocks.

Neither Destructoid nor Digital Foundry explained where the images originated from, but a Digital Foundry report on Eurogamer cited its own sources with verifying the credibility of Destructoid's image before updating its Twitter feed with a picture of its own. Destructoid also updated its story to say that multiple sources confirmed the photo was real, but called the controller an early prototype.


Jade Law
Senior concept artist

72 291 4.0
Looks a bit like a third-party PS2 controller.

Posted:A year ago


Paul Jace

924 1,379 1.5
I'm hoping that the final controller looks nothing like that.

Posted:A year ago


James Brightman
Editor in Chief

226 266 1.2
It is kinda fugly but as long as it's comfortable and works well, I won't care.

Posted:A year ago


Greg Wilcox
Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,174 1,124 0.5
They're squeezing a lot into that thing is all I'm saying... Oh well... If it works, I'm in.

Posted:A year ago


Richard Gardner

123 32 0.3
I'm really glad to see that Sony aren't doing a second screen. Its expensive to produce and that has a lot of knock on effects to both hardware power and the price tag the consumer has to pay. The way I see it is that one person can only look at one screen at a time. There is nothing stopping you simply switching your main screen if you can still provide the touch interface. Best of all, you don't have to keep looking up and down.

I can understand how looking down while in a zombie game might create more tension (ZombiU) or throwing ninja stars directly into the TV. But all that comes at a cost and compared to what Sony seems to have with there new pad... its pretty dam close to the same experience.

Lets not forget you won't have to charge your controller every two seconds.

Posted:A year ago


Adam Campbell
Associate Producer

1,165 948 0.8
For the price of controllers, they ought to pack in as much (useful) tech as possible.

Posted:A year ago


Alexandros Gekas
Co- Founder, Editor

15 19 1.3
The (apparent) inclusion of a Move sensor puzzles me, I really don't see any use for it on this particular controller.

Posted:A year ago


Andy Samson
QA Supervisor

235 179 0.8
Popular Comment
@ Richard
"The way I see it is that one person can only look at one screen at a time."
So when the keyboard was invented people are supposed to be always looking at it? You haven't tried using a DS or 3DS? In real life we tend to look at different things from different distances all the time while doing different tasks. When people launch a space rocket they only look at one screen? Have you even seen command centers and counted how many screens there are?

When you're driving a real car your vision is always focused on the wind shield, you don't look at your rear view or side mirrors?
When you're walking down the street you don't look at your cellphone or your wrist watch?

"Lets not forget you won't have to charge your controller every two seconds."
The Wii U GamePad's power lasts just as long as a PS Vita (3-5 hours), But unlike the Vita, the GamePad's battery can be replaced by the user and upgrade it to last 3 times longer.

"But all that comes at a cost and compared to what Sony seems to have with there new pad... its pretty dam close to the same experience."
You're from the future and you've already used SONY's new controller on a game we haven't even seen yet?

Posted:A year ago


David Radd
Senior Editor

359 78 0.2
Also unlike the Vita, the GamePad can't be charged and played at the same time. Not even the UBoost that Andy mentions does that.

Posted:A year ago


Andy Samson
QA Supervisor

235 179 0.8
@ David
I was not referring to the "UBoost" (x2 power), there's an internal battery called the "Power Pak" (x3 power) for Wii U. Contrary to popular belief, you can play while the Wii U GamePad is being charged. I don't want to sound like a person promoting a product but people should know the truth and get first hand info: "

The "Charge Link" for Wii U grants new freedom to users of the innovative new GamePad controller, allowing users to charge and play with the controller simultaneously. "


Posted:A year ago


Neil Millstone

32 12 0.4
@David The Wii U GamePad can be charged and played at the same time without any extra peripherals. The charge cable either plugs into the dock, or you remove it and plug it straight into the GamePad. I have one and do this all the time.

Posted:A year ago


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