Unity adds BlackBerry 10 deployment tool

Popular game engine increases its reach, add-on expected this summer

Unity Technologies is developing a deployment tool for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and Playbook tablets as an add-on for its ubiquitous game engine.

To help give Unity developers a better understanding of BlackBerry's new OS, a free beta version of the deployment add-on and a BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be issued to, "a limited number of qualified developers."

"One of the driving forces for success for a mobile platform is a strong games offering," said Alec Saunders, BlackBerry's vice president of developer relations and ecosystems. "BlackBerry customers have already shown their hunger for mobile gaming, with games being one of the strongest categories on the BlackBerry World store-front and continuing to grow in popularity.

"Soon, Unity developers will be able to use this deployment tool to quickly and easily offer their games to BlackBerry customers."

The final release of the deployment tool is expected this summer. Access to the free beta will be awarded at a series of developer meet-ups across Europe and North America.

Stay tuned to the Blackberry developer blog for more information.

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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 4 years ago
Where then is the windows phone add on, though to be honest the Unity pricing model makes no actual sense anyway. As a developer I know there can't possibly be separate code bases for each frikkin platform version. Yet I have to pay a grand per platform!

They need to consolidate this pricing and feature sets if they truly wish to be the indie go-to engine of choice. Looking at their feature list, at this stage the differences between the pro and standard versions reads like a list written from spite and not for any logical reasoning. Most of the missing features in standard for instance can be written with shaders so how the heck are they pro only?
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Adam Campbell Producer, Hopster4 years ago
My thoughts exactly.
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