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Capcom avoiding late Wii U ports

By Brendan Sinclair

Capcom avoiding late Wii U ports

Wed 02 Jan 2013 4:10pm GMT / 11:10am EST / 8:10am PST

Publisher to pass on bringing belated versions of existing titles to Nintendo's newest

Don't expect to see Resident Evil 6 staggering its way toward the Wii U anytime soon. While Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, and Batman: Arkham City were all given updated releases on Nintendo's new system months after their original debuts, Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson this week told fans not to expect similarly late ports of the publisher's biggest titles.

Svensson addressed a user's question about belated releases on Capcom's message boards Monday, saying, "With regard to WiiU, in general we're looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table."

Despite that, Capcom's only announced game for the Wii U is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, an updated take on the company's 2010 Wii RPG. Upcoming multiplatform titles like this month's DMC and Lost Planet 3 do not as of yet have Wii U versions.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,610 1,686 0.6
I was actually hoping we'd at least see Dragon's Dogma headed to the Wii U, as it was a lot better than RE6 was in terms of accessibility and sheer amount of on-disc content. It's definitely better than any Monster Hunter game I've played, but I guess we'll see if MH 3 Ultimate is going to live up to its name soon enough...

Posted:3 years ago


Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University

436 497 1.1
"Upcoming multiplatform titles like this month's DMC and Lost Planet 3 do not as of yet have Wii U versions."

And there's the problem. It's well and good bringing Monster Hunter to the party, and personally I feel exclusive third party content does a better job of selling a system than multi-format parity, but without more multi-format titles it will continue to appear (even if more exclusive content comes) that Wii U isn't getting third party support, because it's missing out on most of the big multi-format titles, and thus not achieving parity with 360 and PS3. I don't think Nintendo will ever achieve third party parity with their rivals, but should be aiming to leverage as many partnerships, jointly funded and jointly developed third party projects as possible to fill out their software schedule.

Posted:3 years ago


Paul Jace Merchandiser

1,199 2,048 1.7
"With regard to WiiU, in general we're looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table."

But....but.....all the cool kids are doing it.

Posted:3 years ago


David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers

361 80 0.2
This is probably a byproduct of looking at the sales results from the Wii U launch, which had a lot of late ports. Neither RE6 or Dragon's Dogma did quite well enough to make them worth the effort required for a port coming several months late at this point.

Posted:3 years ago


Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises

515 354 0.7
I predict that sometime in 2014 Capcom will release a "new" Street Fighter for Wii U, which will look and feel identical to Street Fighter 3. Except it will be missing a lot of characters, which will go on sale as DLC a few weeks later.

Posted:3 years ago


Calvin Fordham Graphic Design

8 5 0.6
I have something terrible to admit as a consumer, if they made a game similar to Street FIghter 3....... I'd give them my money. My beef with Capcom isn't DLC, but lack of quality, especially in Fighting Games, and downgrading Lost Planet into what they call 3. I really disliked Street Fighter IV, but it was necessary for reviving the interest in Fighting Games. Now if only people could get over the image that Capcom is the only brand that provides quality fighters so that the medium could move forward..

Posted:3 years ago


Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,610 1,686 0.6
Calvin... LP3 isn't a "downgrade" at all. It's a PREQUEL. Once you actually play the game, it clicks into place where it fits into the series. Capcom's sole mistake is numbering the game as a SEQUEL when they should have either used a Zero in the title or tossed the word "Origins" in there so some of the confusion still going on about the game would settle down.

Posted:3 years ago


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