Nintendo not making any Wii games

Console maker has shifted focus to Wii U, says it has no projects for previous system in the pipeline

With the North American launch of the Wii U out of the way, there's no looking back for Nintendo. In an interview with GameSpot conducted hours before the new system's debut, Nintendo of America director of product marketing Bill Trinen confirmed that the company has stopped working on games for the original Wii.

When asked if Nintendo had any internally developed Wii games in the pipeline, Trinen answered simply, "No, there are not right now."

If the Wii really has been put to sleep, Kirby's Dream Collection serves as an appropriate final release from Nintendo of America. The 20th anniversary compilation of Kirby games debuted in September. The following month, Nintendo cut the price of the console from $149 to $129.

The Wii has been Nintendo's most successful home console to date. As of September 30, it had sold more than 97 million systems worldwide since its 2006 debut. The company's next-best selling console is the original Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System, which tallied nearly 62 million systems sold.

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 5 years ago
A good example of what they think of current customers...... No nintendo for me... The should just dump the hardware business and focus on software only like Sega did years ago...
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James Ingrams Writer 5 years ago
I am sure that their will be no backward compatibility with the new Sony or Microsoft consoles either, just like despite 60% of PC gamers still running XP, PC games are now becoming Win 7 only! The games industry, in other words, is desperate as it sees the end approaching!

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 5 years ago
They should still make one more game just to ensure they cruz past the 100 million sold mark. Then again, a price drop could assure that as well. Not anytime soon, just one more before they stop making the Wii all together.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd5 years ago
@ Andrew Yeah, those abusive bastards! They only published more games for their system than Sony and Microsoft combined published for the PS360. Why doesn't Nintendo care about consumers?
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Nuttachai Tipprasert Programmer 5 years ago
This always happens in every console generations. I don't see anything wrong here. Not only Nintendo, Sony, MS, SEGA and every console manufacture also did when they were transitioning to the new platform (what was the last game Sony developed for PSP, again?). I cannot see any logical reason about why they need to keep developing games for the old system when the new one coming out.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Nuttachai Tipprasert on 21st November 2012 3:32am

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
That's 97 million devices out there with customers that have suddenly become even more obsolete. A lot of customers to dump in one go.

Sony tend to keep 2 generations of console in production at the same time, so they can address different demographics.
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John Bye Lead Designer, Future Games of London5 years ago
I don't see an issue here, as long as it's just Nintendo's first party studios that have moved over from Wii to Wii U. That's natural. They want their studios supporting the new system to help it build a software library and install base. It's not like they're stopping third parties from continuing to release Wii games, like Microsoft did with the original Xbox as soon as the 360 was released, forcing everyone else to move over to supporting their new console as well.
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Andrew Ihegbu Studying Bsc Commercial Music, University of Westminster5 years ago
@John, looking at the fact that Nintendo very much lacks the thirdparty roster that Xbox 1 and PS3 had let alone 360 or the mighty PS2 (Which I'm surprised Jesus didn't release on, everyone else did). I think it's a bad move for them not to do this. I know that Nintendo has a premium presence in Japan and the east, but I almost feel like it's a bit second rate here in the west. Here we have a new generation of console from the company that botched the 3DS launch, and that STILL couldn't even be bothered to get a killer line-up ready this launch around. The only game anyone wants to talk about it ZombiU, and even then people are either say "yeah its good" or "nay it sucks and has huge fundamental flaws". Where's the drooling at the new tech? Where's the people throwing around words like 'revolutionary' and "next-gen".

Sure it has a screen that you can take around the house, sure it has the Wii motion controller, sure its a universal remote, sure its got TVii etc. but that's all bells and whistles, less than 20 worth of bells and whistles actually (how expensive is a universal remote and a basic Netflix package really?). SmartGlass 2 I can see doing the very stuff that it does to my laptop screen, and I have a Wii. Other than that, it's has Xbox 360 pixel pushing power.... 7 years later.

I get the fact that it's not for me however. It will undersell against the current and next generation for that very reason though. Wii was dirt cheap early on, and really cool in it's quirkyness, but 'core gamers' realized how limited it was as soon as you'd exhausted its novelty and they moved on. Now that the WiiU has that rep to bear, the only way is south for it. Fashion will cull the casual gaming market because the casual gamers will seek to be 'real' gamers (much like the prosumer market sells professional software to those who want to move past casual iMovie etc) and as a result they won't buy the WiiU, becasue it's ultimately limiting in it's struggle to be different. If I own one console I want the lions share of games. If I don't have one console then what I said at the start about being second rate is proven in the fact that I would get the WiiU second.
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Kieren Bloomfield Software Engineer, EA Sports5 years ago
@Bruce that's 97 million devices out there that can still play Wii bowling. Since that's what most of them we bought for, I don't see a problem... :/
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
Oh good lord. As someone who's worked in game retail for a few years,here's my two cents about what's happening and what's GOING to happen:

There will be new Wii buyers this holiday season thanks to the price drop and there will be (and have been) MANY new/recent/older games that are dirt cheap. Parents on a budget who can't yet afford a Wii U (with kids who wont give a shit WHAT console they get), bargain hunters and others who want to fill out collections will be buying up these now cheap and cheaper games. Nintendo doesn't need to waste resources making new Wii games thanks to the tons of them already on store shelves, in warehouses and plenty of other places online and off.

Granted, I can see some third party late releases coming (provided they get approved by Nintendo and are budget-priced... unless we see Pandora's Tower coming from someone willing to risk releasing one more RPG on the console), but it's all over for anything first party as the Wii U gets pushed to the forefront.
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Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange5 years ago
People weren't exactly holding onto their 1st gen iPhones or iPads either. If people would move up to the Wii U they''ll still be able to use their entire Wii library on a Wii U, that's what BC is for. Every accessory they bought they can continue using.

SONY's not in a good shape. What they're doing is actually what's killing them, like PSP cannibalizing their VITA sales.
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Nuttachai Tipprasert Programmer 5 years ago
That's 97 million devices out there with customers that have suddenly become even more obsolete. A lot of customers to dump in one go.
I really want to hear your opinion about 10 million iPad 3rd gen user that got abandoned after only 6 months time frame.
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Keldon Alleyne Developer, leader, writer, Avasopht Ltd5 years ago
I really want to hear your opinion about 10 million iPad 3rd gen user that got abandoned after only 6 months time frame.
Badum tish!!!
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Stephen Richards Game Deisgner 5 years ago
Why do people get bothered by this kind of thing? If you've genuinely run out of good games to play on the Wii you ought to step outside and see the sunshine because you can't have been in it much the last six years.
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