Natural Motion, TT Games, Jonathan Ross in for BAFTA Games Question Time

GamesIndustry International offers limited free tickets to readers

The next edition of the BAFTA Games Question Time will take place December 4, featuring TV presenter Jonathan Ross and development talent from across the UK.

Torsten Reil, co-founder of CSR Racing publisher Natural Motion, TT Games' Jonathan Smith and Miles Jacobson of Football Manager developer Sports Interactive will all join Ross and Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson to discuss the current state and future direction of the games business during this public event.

Tickets, priced at 10 per pair, are available here. The first ten people to enter the code GAMESIND on the official BAFTA site will receive a pair of tickets for free.

BAFTA Games Question Time is in association with GamesIndustry International.

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Bafta website doesnt even allow one to purchase a ticket separately..
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Matt Martin Editor, GamesIndustry.biz4 years ago
Scroll down, click on '19:00' button under 'book tickets now'? Does that work?

EDIT: Hang on, I see the issue. just contacting BAFTA now

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Evening Matt,

The problem has been fixed now.

See you thence!

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