Hotline Miami dev: "I'm not making games to make money"

Jonatan Söderström on why it's not his main objective

The creator of new indie hit Hotline Miami, Jonatan Söderström, has explained that his motivation for entering the game development world lies far beyond his bank balance.

"I'm not making games to make money," he told VG247.

"I do want to make money, but it's not my major intention with my creativity. I just like expressing myself, making cool stuff, and like, if you don't want to pay for the game but want to play it anyway, I'm not going to stop people from doing that."

Hotline Miami was developed by Dennaton Games, which comprises Söderström and Dennis Wedin. It received a 10/10 score from Eurogamer, and was Game Of The Show at the Rezzed Expo this year.

"I want to make enough money to make bigger games, and that' probably not something I'm able to do if I have to get a job, and of course I want to be able to pay rent and buy food from what I do," continued Söderström. "So, we're looking to make another game as soon as possible, and hopefully it will turn out as good as Hotline Miami."

This week Söderström attracted attention when he offered help to Pirate Bay users who were struggling with illegally downloaded copies of the game.

"I prefer if they play a version of the game that isn't bugged out, so they get a good impression of it," he said on the subject.

"I don't want people to pirate the game or anything like that, but I know it's an issue and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm not sure I want to do anything about it, but I just want want people to enjoy the game."

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This stuff right here renews my love and belief that the art of game making will return to its glory days.
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